Coordinators and project manager

Two university lecturers and researchers from INSA Toulouse are responsible for the coordination and management of all aspects of the implementation of the project, according to the planned schedule and budget. They ensure the proper execution of the project by supervising it from the launch phase to the production phase, working closely with the action managers. They are assisted in their task by a Project Manager.

Educational and Scientific Advisory Board

Strategic feedback

This council is composed of international experts in the field of bioeconomy in Research and Training and socio-economic partners. It advises from a strategic point of view on the orientations of the project and proposes new avenues of development. It meets annually to formulate its advice and opinions independently on the basis of the information provided by the coordinators

Governing Board

Make Decision 

This committee includes one representative per partner and representatives of the ANR. It examines the criteria for the success and the development of BioEco graduate school on the basis of a report sent by the coordinators and action managers. It decides on the general direction of activities – research, innovation, training and management – and reorientation, if necessary. This committee meets once a year, unless the interest of the project requires intermediate meetings.

Executive Committee

Implement decision

This committee is composed of the directors (or their representatives) of each laboratory (8), the directors (or their representatives) of the doctoral schools (6), the person responsible for the mention in which BioTechEco Master degree is integrated, actions managers and 2 students’ representatives (1 master’s and 1 doctorate). It meets twice a year. It is in charge of the organization of the work of the project, ensures the execution of the decisions taken by the steering committee and other issues necessary for the success of the project

Restricted Committee

Day-to-day management   

This committee is composed of those responsible for the actions. It meets every two months or more if the interest of the project requires intermediate meetings. He is in charge of organizing and executing daily actions.