From biomass and waste to Bio-H2 and bio-methane

Most energy scenarios, stablished to guide energy politics, are based on three pillars: energy sobriety (avoid wasting energy), energy usage efficiency (improving systems to reduce their energy consumption) and non-renewable energy sources replacement by renewable ones. This summer school, proposed by BioEco Graduate School, focuses on two renewable energy carriers (H2 and CH4) obtained from renewable feedstocks (biomass and waste). H2 and CH4 may assume two main roles in energy transition: energy carrier and energy storage medium.


  • Title: renewable gas : from biomass and waste to Bio-H2 and bio-methane

  • Course aim: this summer school covers H2 and CH4 production from feedstocks to gas distribution and storage, including a strong focus on biological and thermochemical production process.

  • Candidate’s profil: French, European and International master students, PhD students and professionals

  • Teaching language: English

  • Duration of training: 5 days
  • ECTS Credits: 4

  • Training site: IMT Mines Albi

  • Next session: the date of the 2024 session has not yet been set.

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Registrations for the 2024 session are not open yet