International challenge

What are the ambitions?

BioEco’s international challenge aims to bring together teams of students ready to take on an interdisciplinary challenge in line with sustainable development priorities. The ambition of this challenge is to create a cooperative community working in a friendly competition at a national and international level with teams coming from all over the world, in order to jointly increase the knowledge capitalization in the bio economy topic.

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This challenge will be about the biosynthesis of a targeted molecule within an eco-designed process, considering technical, environmental and economic performances… At the beginning of the competition the name of one molecule will be provided and you will have 6 months to design, built and test the complete bioprocess. You will have to cover all the steps of development pipeline from the desired molecule to the full bioprocess.  These includes:

  1. the choice of a local, renewable and non-competitive food raw material;
  2. the construction of a strain able to produce the molecule;
  3. the optimization of the strain performances to fit industrial production criteria;
  4. the design of the full process using the experimental data from resources to product, including the scaling up of the process from lab to pilot scale, considering environmental, societal and economic impacts.

The final assessment of the challenge will consider the originality of the approach, with a specific attention to the integration of novel aspects at the different levels (organism, process configuration, economic, societal and environmental impacts).

Teams will be composed of Master students from international academic labs and universities who will nominate a dedicated team leader to guide the different aspects and thereby enhance the learning experience of the participating students. One team of the BIOECO EUR will be selected to participate to this challenge.

Official launch in 2022


  • Official launch in 2022

How to apply?

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