Why and how to apply for trainings

There are several reasons to apply for the trainings offered by BioEco Graduate School:

  1. To gain new skills: Training can offer new knowledge and skills that can be useful for professional or personal careers.
  2. To change your carreer path: Training can offer an opportunity to change professional fields and reorient to a different career.
  3. Improve career prospects: Training can provide a better qualification to obtain a higher paying job or to position oneself for a promotion.
  4. Meet employer requirements: Sometimes training may be required to meet an employer’s requirements.
  5. Expand your network: Training can provide an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and expand your network of contacts especially especially in these courses which are all given in English and whose participants come from all over the world.

A two steps application and admission process:

  1. Click Online application process until May 15th
  2. Interview with pre-selected candidates

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