Become a master in biotechnology: Europe’s premier biotech research and education hub centres on Toulouse, with BioEco right at its heart. Considered to be France’s number one university city, Toulouse possesses a rich heritage with regard to academia and cutting-edge research. Indeed, this is one of the reasons those looking to complete a master’s in biotechnology in Europe find BioEco’s offering so appealing.

The BioTechEco master’s degree offered by BioEco is represents a holistic approach to biotechnology through a diverse curriculum, split between academic study and practical application of knowledge. The breadth, and “hands-on” nature, of the course is made possible by BioEco’s close ties to a range of academic institutions and research centres in the region, such as INSA Toulouse, Toulouse INP, and IMT Mines Albi. This gives students the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of a large pool of teaching staff and make use of facilities that few individual universities or schools are able to offer independently.

Biotechnology is a broad subject and the BioTechEco course reflects this. Modules in biotechnology, bioeconomics, as well as a study of sustainability and ethics, gives students a complete and balanced understanding of this field of science. As stated above, the access to research facilities in Toulouse and its surrounds is a significant benefit to students, and practical work makes up a significant proportion of the course. Furthermore, BioEco’s master’s in biotech features one semester studying at an international partner university and crucially, a six-month period spent in industry or research, ensuring that graduates are truly ready to hit the ground running when entering the world of work with impressive employability.

Toulouse is a popular destination for students, not just in France but globally. A centre for international students in Europe, BioEco ensures course participants can settle comfortably in Toulouse through access to the Toul’Box scheme, a service providing arrival, accommodation, and practical support.