Biochemistry graduate programs for future innovators are vital to develop the required talent to support the emergence of the circular economy. There is a pressing need for the students of today to emerge with skillsets that allow them to participate in a fast-growing biochemical industry – a sector that is essential to the sustainable development of the planet.

Unlike many biochemistry programs, the BioTechEco can be regarded as much more than a stand-alone master’s degree in biochemistry. The course offered at BioEco is truly multi-disciplinary, with students receiving teaching in biotechnology, bioeconomy, and the global, industrial, and social challenges faced in this field of study. This is considered the best way to produce well-rounded graduates with a depth of knowledge and is made possible through BioEco’s extensive partnerships. Working closely with institutions such as INSA Toulouse, Toulouse INP, and IMT Mines Albi, BioTechEco students benefit from a wealth of resources – in terms of facilities and specialist-staff.

This biochemistry graduate program is academically rigorous, with the challenges that such advanced studies entail. However, the welfare of BioEco students is a priority. This is evidenced by the access for all students to the Toul’Box. From airport transfers to accommodation assistance, to setting up a bank account or buying a SIM card, all those initial worries when arriving in a new city are relieved – allowing you to focus on your studies while feeling settled in Toulouse. As France’s number one student city, you’re in safe hands here.