When looking for world-class biotechnology courses in Toulouse, the highly rated, integrated curriculum offered by BioEco cannot be ignored. The BioEco stands out among biotechnology courses for a variety of reasons, not least the exceptional standard of teaching and the employability of its graduates. As such, in spite of its relative newness, BioEco has already been listed on the ShanghaiRanking – a clear reflection of the quality of learning that takes place here in Toulouse.

The BioEco biotechnology course is based principally in Toulouse, with one semester spent abroad in partner universities from across the globe. Toulouse is a natural fit for those looking to study biotechnology. BioEco benefits from long-standing and close partnerships with a range of academic institutions and research centres in the region, such as INSA Toulouse, Toulouse INP, and IMT Mines Albi – all under the umbrella of the Federal University of Toulouse, an institution immensely focused on this area of study.

Not simply a biotechnology course, this master’s degree is broad in its academic offering. Rather than simply focusing on the academic principals of biotech, students benefit from a diverse program of studies including bioeconomics, as well as sustainability and ethics, all of which allows them to develop are deep understanding of the circular economy.

While graduates may complete other biotechnology courses with a strong grounding in the principals of the subject, BioEco students leave ready for the world of work. The course has a distinct practical focus, and it is through “hands-on” experiences in the region’s cutting-edge research labs that BioEco graduates truly hone their skills and learn to apply their understanding.

Quality teaching underpins the value of any master’s course and the BioEco is no exception. Teaching is delivered by internationally recognised researchers and leading academics from BioEco and partner institutions. Specific subjects are always taught by experts who specialise in that particular field, from the most appropriate institution, with the experience and facilities to ensure optimum results for BioEco students.

A high-quality course and exceptional teaching are vital – of that there is no doubt. But the team at BioEco are well aware the student experience is based on more than what happens in the classroom or laboratory. Toulouse is considered the leading student destination in France and is a well-established locale for students from within the country and abroad. Full of academic and cultural institutions, it is a natural fit for those looking to take the next step in their education. BioEco students have access to the Toul’Box, a service for new arrivals to the city. The Toul’Box ensures students can settle quickly in Toulouse, with airport pickups, accommodation support and other services available. As opposed to worrying about these things, BioEco students can feel relaxed and ready to participate and engage fully with the course, without additional worries or distractions.