Welcome to BioEco Graduate School

BioEco is a Graduate School in Biotechnology for a building bio-based Economy created in 2020, with the support of the Programme Investissement d’Avenir 3.

It brings together 5 higher education and research establishments of Toulouse University and 2 national research centers. It aims to contribute to the development of the bioeconomy by training new actors experts in biotechnology, processes and economy.

A partnership-led international Institute for Sustainable Development

It is through partnerships that BioEco can be considered a principal international institute for sustainable development in France. Strong, reciprocal, partnerships with some of the foremost regional institutes for sustainable development such as INSA Toulouse, Toulouse INP, Mines d’Albi, the University of Toulouse , the Universities of Toulouse 3 – Paul Sabatier and Toulouse – Capitole, allows BioEco to operate as a sustainable development university.

Each partner institute for sustainable development actively participates in the delivery of BioEco’s curriculum, and ensures all students receive a thorough grounding in this field and can take advantage of the wealth of specialist teachers and course leaders based in this region. As we so often see, collaboration underpins success when it comes to the circular economy, and at BioEco this can be seen from the top down and throughout the entire organisation.

BioEco’s sustainability-focused curriculum integrates multiple disciplines, allowing students to grasp the true nature of the world they are seeking to enter. Naturally, biology, bio economics, ethics, bioprocesses, and biological engineering play a role, but also training in leadership and project management – allowing students to not only be academically successful, but also professionally. No single subject is taught in isolation, and it is this integrated approach that makes BioEco courses stand out.

For BioEco’s curriculum to be impactful, a high degree of academic excellence among the entirety of the teaching staff is vital. From speakers to researchers to support staff, BioEco seeks out top-tier talent to deliver our courses. The teaching is further enhanced by access to a range of internationally renowned research laboratories in which students are able to extensively hone the practical skills and techniques necessary for success in this field, with a significant number of course hours allocated for this purpose.

The BioEco graduate school offers high-quality teaching designed for future players in sustainable development.
We offer a wide range of courses, from master’s degrees to thesis grants and summer schools. BioEco Graduate School is also a strong partner in the international iGEM competition.